Muscular Dystrophy
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Since ages science has been evolving and is at a continuous process of progression to eradicate various diseases which the Human race has acquired. Wiping killer diseases like small pox to reducing tuberculosis and also many more such diseases. All of us are today able to live a better life due to the availability of many drugs and treatments that science has evolved and has helped the Human Race.

However there are many conditions which even today are the same as science has not done anything about or has not been able to touch. One such form of diseases is Muscular Dystrophy. The tragedy of Muscular Dystrophy is that it is a slow progressive disease that over a period of time may be years or even months results in weakness of the muscles of the person reducing a normal human being to wheel chair and later a bedridden existence. The mental and emotional condition of the parents watching their child slowly progress painfully to a certain death is not describable. It’s not only the patients who suffer but also their surroundings that have an effect on them.

The worst is not yet over. When a person suffering from such a condition visit a neurosurgeon or a physician they describe you as not curable and do not give you any hope. Even though god has given most of MD children special gifts like more intelligence and better brain then a normal human they are treated like they will always be pitied in life. Not many people have known these types of MD diseases. Initially it was known to be a very rare case but now it has been seen that more and more MD cases are seen in many people.