Muscular Dystrophy
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About AMD

about AMD
Membership Form

We at National Association of Muscular Dystrophy (NAMD) have formed this association to educate people about MD. We are a group of people who have suffered and have parents whose children are suffering from such conditions. Our main aim is to educate people and let them know about the future of such patients and also as to what they can do to reduce the deterioration of such a conditions. We will help them to face this problem as well let them know that there are things that even such patients can do to reduce their pain and agony.

Our aim is to make people become positive about their conditions.  We would like to emphasize that in these patients where proven interventions do not exist or have been ineffective there may be other ways and means that are unproven which may help and offer hope for saving the life of such patients.

You can enroll yourself to help us by becoming a member of our association by filling up the membership form. We offer hope but it is you who will make it possible.